Because we produce videos for companies of all sizes, we see all sized companies. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that brand new start ups, are small and lean. They quickly adapt to changing markets and they are wholly focussed on their customers. 

Big companies operate in a different way. They are partly focussed on their customers but mainly focussed on their own way of doing things. They become cumbersome and slow to adapt. The holy grail is for a big company to operate like a start up with a small handful of owners and employees making it up as they go along.

But I'm coming to the conclusion that it's impossible to achieve. It's actually as illusive as the 'actual' holy grail. 

Take Netflix for example. I love Netflix. It still feels like a start up for me. I've gorged on series like Breaking Bad and Making A Murderer and I'm now getting into Master Of None. The latter sums up the start up mentality. It's a wonderful sitcom starring Aziz Ansari, and to be honest t's a little ropey in the way that it's presented. There are awkward gaps and dream sequences that don't quite work. But ...I LOVE it for that. 

It hasn't been through rounds with management and execs ironing out every potential flaw, so that the end product is so slick it has little life left.

I feels like you are watching a flawed but brilliant human creation, not a smooth but uninspiring corporate product.

And now I'm wondering if inevitable evolution from start up to oil tanker is unavoidable. Today I read that instead of doubling efforts to provide the content people want in Australia, Netflix is going on the offensive to stop people watching paid for out-of-territory versions of its service, despite Aussies having no other way of seeing the shows.

Geo-Blocking belongs to the old oil tankers Netflix, not you. Let the Aussies login using VPNs until such time that you can provide the shows they want. That should be your focus. The customer. Just like in the old days.