The ubiquity of the smartphone with its HD and 4K capabilities is changing the way videos are being made and consumed in a world dominated by social media communications that are increasingly short, punchy and disposable. Smart brands are quickly reaching the conclusion that creating content for their customers should only form part of their marketing mix. Their consumers now have the means to communicate their feelings and views quickly and effectively by means of the pint-sized, smartphone-shaped film crew sitting in their pocket. 'Mean Streets' would surely have been shot on an iPhone had Scorsese been able to get his hands on one back in the day.

Seenit are looking to exploit this seismic shift in personal tech by getting consumers, employees, fans and influencers to start taking conversations with brands and organisations to a whole new level of engagement using easy access snapchat-style video. The speed of creation and delivery by consumers makes for a compelling new form of customer interaction. It's very much the shape of things to come. Trust us.

Whilst there will always be a time and a place for the grand and glossy aspirational company promo or ad, brands ignoring the power that lies in the pockets of their customers do so at their peril.