As a company we're transitioning from a pure video production outfit to a small agency that can deliver campaigns with all manner of content. So I feel less abashed about promoting a competitor. Well, not really a competitor...Sandwich are based in California and they work in a different way from most other production companies.

The founder Adam Lisagor generally partners with  start ups, usually tech, and takes a piece of equity in return for a killer video that helps put them on the map. The videos are generally fantastic and I don't say that about other companies very often. I'm also a sucker for them. So far I've bought an Aeropress to make coffee and a Head Up Display for my car (although I'm one of the many thousands still waiting for that one).

Check out Adam's witty, unique style. Think about the risk taking involved in being jocular and creative with your brand and then read and weep at some of the incredible results.

Taking chances with creativity in a perfectly timed way.