It's the most sought after video from clients. A 'viral'. 

It's not possible to predict which videos will fly organically but you can put a few things in place to give your film the best chance.

This week we made a film for Cambridgeshire Police and they launched it on Facebook. It was about Child Sexual Exploitation. 

I had one of those moments that people who write scripts occasionally have when I tried to put myself in the position of a 14 year old girl who'd ended up in a sexually exploitative was a bit of a stretch but after reading a lot of case studies online, the project gathered a sense of urgency for me, especially as my daughter is now 12. By the time I came to pen the words I felt angry and I wanted this video to work.

We used a style that would attract attention with the sound off. This is key to drawing a viewer in on social media. Videos travel past quickly in a timeline, or if you're using paid advertising, they sit for a few moments in the top right hand corner of the window. However time is short and what plays out must be intriguing enough to warrant a click.

Once you have the click, the rest is more traditional...a strong storyline that is difficult to switch off and a powerful call to action. In this case a plead to girls to respect themselves enough to dismiss those who would trample on their worth.

The video was shared 40 thousand times in the first 24 hours and it currently sits as 66 thousand shares. So we feel we got the main ingredients right this time.

You can watch it on YouTube...but that is not how it's being shared, so don't be fooled by the view count.

PS The video ran its course on Facebook and gathered 182,600 shares.