What astonishes me most about this TNT corporate video, is that they actually called it the ‘TNT Corporate Video’. Most people try to avoid using that expression even when that’s what they’re asking for.

But it’s well named. It’s a generic, all encompassing corporate film and it has as much impact on the average viewer as a soggy cucumber sandwich.

Sure, it may work to motivate TNT execs about their own firm but as far as the viewing public and potential customer base is concerned, the last thing anyone should be producing is a generic ‘corporate video’.

Our two golden rules for advising firms on video content are:

  • A story should be at the heart of the film.
  • Specifics work, generalities don’t.

TNT is a massive firm. It delivers millions of items everyday. Are you telling me that there isn’t a heart-warming story somewhere in the world that can help illustrate why TNT cares about its business?

One story, one delivery that changed a life.

All the ‘value messages’ that were spelled out laboriously in this film could be conveyed with far more resonance through a single story.

Find six stories (it’s a big planet) and you have a video strategy that lasts all year.

Don’t waste precious time and resources producing bland video. Produce something specific. Something that tells a story worth telling.