In the digital age, we get a lot of analysis about online behaviour. For instance we know that people don’t really read websites. In fact according to Tony Haile 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on a page!

But there is a simple hack to change this for your site.

If a page has nothing but text on it, the average person will indeed spend just a few seconds there – nowhere near enough time to read all that text you had your comms team slaving over.

However, we know that if there are multiple pictures on the page, they will spend more time reading it.

And if there is video, they will spend even more time browsing your entire page and even reading it.

Think about the pages you visit and read the most, they are likely to be heavy with visual content. Sites such as the BBC, Daily Mail and Guardian use content to change behaviours. They draw in people to their stories with visual media.

Why is this important? Because one of the secrets of SEO is getting people to spend more time on your page. The longer they stay, the higher up the rankings the site will go.

This simple fact is as true for your garden widget website as it is for the Daily Mail.

So get video on your site. Get in a firm of professionals, hint:, but other firms are available ;). Don’t ask them for one all singing/dancing film, but ask them to look at your website and create visual content to replace the words.

Bring your website to life with a sprinkling of short videos. Explainers, behind the scenes, stories from your employees…all of these will create a vibrant online environment that will draw longer visits and raise you up the all-important search rankings.

If people are spending 15 seconds on other people’s sites, that means their time is up for grabs from you.

Go grab it with video.